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Chairman               Martin Bridge

Secretary                Jenny Bishop

Treasurer                  John Payne


Editor                      John Walker


Secretary            Ken Drinkwater

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David Andrews              

Jane Briscoe

Tim Howson

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Brenda Watkin

Elphin Watkin

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Consideration has been given to an on site newsletter. If you are an EHBG member and would like to receive the newsletter in this way to save the Group the cost of postage please email and we will issue a login.

Our next meeting is intended to be The President's Lecture via webinar Lee Prosser on 4th December 2020 at 8.00 pm on the Roofs of Hampton Court.

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The Group was formed in 1983 by a varied collection of professionals and amateurs keen to see more work on the lesser buildings of Essex published for all to see and comment on. They were a mix of people having many varied interests in the field of study loosely covered by the term 'historic buildings'. Buildings, materials, documents, landscape or just an inquisitive mind were the areas of interest, we have now published a continuing series of booklets, a manual on recording a building, hold a Day School once a year and provide Sunday guiding at the Cressing Temple site. We meet regularly to hear speakers on various aspects of historic buildings and building types

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4th December 2020 8.00pm

Talk by our President Lee Prosser by webinar on THE ROOFS OF HAMPTON COURT

If you would like to attend and you have not already indicated to Jenny Bishop our secretary

Do please contact Jenny Bishop by email

and request an invitation

Essex Historic Buildings Group


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In view of Covid-19 the face to face meetings at Moulsham Mill have been suspended for the time being.

In the meantime you might not know that Historic England have recordings of webinars on verious aspects of conservation and historic buildings.

These are free to view on the Historic England website using the link: