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EHBG Book – Issue No. 12 December 2009

ISSN 0267-6702


Page  Introduction

Page  Coggeshall, 19 East Street    Brenda Watkin

Page  Epping High Street, The Cock   John Walker

Page  Brentwood, 101 High Street   Corrie Newell

Page  The timber-framed building incorporated within

          the Bugle Horn public house, Colchester  Richard Shackle

Page  Witham 149 Newland Street   Richard Shackle

Page  The Market Hall, Horndon-on-the-Hill  Ann Padfield

Page  Stockwell House, East Stockwell Street,

         Colchester      Richard Shackle

All articles and drawings are the copyright of the authors.  All the buildings described are privately owned and not open to the public.

Cover: 27 Newland Street, Witham (drawing by David Stenning).

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